Two young girls in colorful capes standing on a track. Jun 6, 2023

Unleash Your Inner Superhero at the 3rd Annual Reston Youth Superhero Splash and Dash Event

Calling all superheroes! Get ready to embark on an exciting adventure that combines swimming, running, and fun! The 3rd Annual Reston Youth Superhero Splash and Dash event is happening at Lake Audubon here in Reston, available for anyone ages six through fifteen. Prepare to don your capes, lace up your running shoes, and dive into a day filled with fun, fitness, and a touch of superhero magic.

The Superhero Splash and Dash kicks off with a swim in the picturesque Lake Audubon Pool, a public pool overlooking beautiful Lake Audubon. Participants will complete a swim course designed to be accessible to all swimmers, as the purpose of this event is less about competition and more about participation and fun. Lifeguards and volunteers (also in their superhero garb) will be overseeing the event to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. 

Next, it’s time to dash - participants will transition to the running portion of the event, taking place on the nearby Reston Paths. This scenic route provides our young superheroes with a great view of the lake, along with a chance to show off their speed! As with the swim course, this run is meant to be accessible to all skill levels, ensuring an inclusive and supportive atmosphere for all the young heroes.

As with all triathlons, there is one more portion of the Splash and Dash, and it’s likely everyone’s favorite: fun! Enjoy post-race activities like music, snow cones, snacks, and more. This event is also a fundraiser for underserved youth, as participants and their friends and families will have the opportunity to donate to the CORE Cares program after the race. Proceeds will go to low-income youth in the area, allowing them new opportunities including the ability to participate in future Splash and Dashes. 

We hope you consider donating to or attending the Superhero Splash and Dash Event, and that all the young heroes have a day full of exercise, sunshine, and laughter!

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