A gourmet meal with two lobster tails in black bowls topped with cheese. Dec 8, 2022

Travel Across the World at The Lobster Thai Street Food and Seafood

Second to actually boarding a plane bound for Asia, tucking into a meal at The Lobster Thai Street Food and Seafood is about the closest experience you can get to eating your way through the streets of this vibrant city. The chefs focus on bites that highlight seafood—especially lobster, of course—and that evoke the fast-casual gourmet cuisine served by Thai street vendors.

Lobster enthusiasts should turn their attention to the second page of the dinner menu immediately. That’s where “the lobster combo” lives. It’s the eatery’s take on a Cajun crawfish boil—but with twin lobster tails instead! Add spicy or mild sauces and choose sides such as fluffy rice or corn on the cob. If you’re craving something you’ve never tried before, the roster of chef’s specials should have something for you. Sink a spoon into the tom yum lobster, a spicy lemongrass soup with a full lobster tail perched on top, or the crab-fried rice paired with mohawk lobster. The Lobster also serves up familiar favorites such as pad Thai, drunken noodles, and pad see ew.