Nov 10, 2022

Eat Your Fill of Thai Street Food at The Lobster Herndon

If you were to take a trip to Thailand, you’d find yourself constantly eating its native dishes thanks to the street food vendors who set up shop along every major thoroughfare. The Lobster Herndon works to recreate some of that experience—if not the street carts, then at least the type of casual-yet-complex cuisine they serve.

True to its name, The Lobster focuses on fresh seafood, just like Thai chefs do in their home country. That much is evident even in the list of starters, which includes everything from crispy fried octopus to grilled freshwater shrimp. Just make sure you save plenty of room for the main course because the chef is hard at work on special seafood dishes, such as the tom yum lobster. This is a fresh take on the traditional lemongrass soup with some added heat and a tender lobster tail swimming in the clear broth. The fried soft-shell crab curry is equally inventive, featuring a classic spiced curry sauce elevated by the crispy soft-shell crab. If you want to choose your own culinary destiny, build a seafood “bucket.” Start by selecting your seafood, then decide on a spice level, a sauce, and sides.