Group of people browsing books in a bookstore. Mar 14, 2022

Let the Friendly Staff Help You Find a New Read at Scrawl Books

“Responsive and knowledgeable.” “Friendly and pleasant.” “Always a delight!” These are just a few of the ways patrons describe the staff at Scrawl Books. It’s no wonder why this local independent bookshop has managed to stay afloat since 2015 despite the rise of online retailers, a global pandemic, and a move from Wiehle Metro to Reston Town Center. Owner and retired librarian Rachel Wood brings a level of customer service to her store that radiates out through all of her employees, and patrons have certainly taken notice.

They know that they can come here to snag just about any new book or classic read, regardless of what it might be. Rachel carefully curates the selection in her store so that there’s something for everyone, including children and teens. As an added bonus, the shop currently offers local delivery and online ordering for pickup. So if you have something specific in mind, you can search to see if it’s in stock before you even leave the apartment. Of course, then you’ll risk missing out on an encounter with the warm, welcoming staff at Scrawl Books!