Pizza making in action. Oct 25, 2021

Order Takeout Tonight From Little Beast, Now Open Near Aperture

Craving pizza tonight? Try a new spot! The newly opened casual pizza joint on Sunset Hills Road, Little Beast, is earning rave reviews from all the locals. Here, you can enjoy Detroit-style pizza (square-cut pizza pies) as well as Grandma-style pies, which are made with a crispy focaccia crust.If you want to try a Detroit-style pie first, go for the Red Wing featuring tomato sauce, fresh garlic, oregano, and creamy burrata cheese, or the Motown which features a chili-garlic relish, caramelized onion, meatballs, roasted red peppers, hot banana peppers, and pepperoni. Prefer a Grandma pie? Go for the banh mi with star anise cured pork belly, daikon radish, carrots, jalapeno, cilantro, and a hoisin aioli, or the short rib with red-wine braised short ribs, caramelized onions, mushrooms, and garlic. 

As you can tell by this small selection, they’re super creative with their specialty pies serving up flavor combinations no other pizza joint offers. Beyond the pies they have tasty apps like short rib tots, fried chicken wings with Old Bay country gravy, and some really fresh and delicious salads. Give it a taste, it may become your new favorite pizza spot!