Jan 26, 2021

Now Open Near Aperture: Chi Mc Korean Fried Chicken in Vienna

Do you know any words in Korean? At Chi Mc Korean Fried Chicken in Vienna, you’ll learn at least two alongside your meal: their name, Chi Mc, means “chicken and beer.” Coincidentally, that’s exactly what you’ll find at this newly opened restaurant. As one reviewer describes it, “It's your typical Korean fried chicken but...better!”

Chi Mc offers online ordering through Toast Tab, so there’s little effort standing between you and your Korean fried chicken, just a bit of wait time while it cooks. Choose from wings, drumsticks, tenders, or a combination of the first two with soy garlic or hot sauce (or, again, a combination of the two). Add an optional side of radish or another option, like fries, onion rings, buns, or other mains. to complete your meal. 

As for the second half of the Chi Mc name? The restaurant offers a variety of draft or bottled beers, as well soju, a popular option from Korea itself. So, the next time someone asks if you know any words in the Korean language, you can say, “Sure!” and tell them just where to find some delicious Chi Mc.