Skating shoes in action. Dec 17, 2020

Happening Now Near Aperture: Ice Skating at Reston Town Center

The colder temperatures are here, and that means ice skating at Reston Town Center has also returned! Since it’s also the holiday season, the rink boasts extended hours—staying open as late as 9 or 11 p.m. every evening. That gives you ample opportunities to go for a spin, even with the rink’s limited capacity this year.

In order to allow for social-distancing between skaters, the Reston Town Center ice rink has implemented a timed ticketing system. It not only allows you to purchase admission for a specific date and time, you can even rent your skates online! That means you can enter the rink in a contactless way if you bring your own skates. The rink is also available for private rentals this year if you just want to come with members of your household! Adult admission is $10 and rental skates are $7.