Minimalistic chair against a soft, textured wall background. Oct 29, 2020

Shop Decor and Much More at Roaches in the Attic Antiques

Don’t let the name scare you. Roaches in the Attic Antiques doesn’t have roaches, and their expansive space is so much more than an attic. Find this antique lover's dream in Herndon, only about 10 minutes away from Aperture. There, you’ll find a huge 15,000 square foot space filled with treasures, from early American pattern glass and period furniture to lamps, mirrors, pottery, and more. Whether you’re a collecting novice who just likes to fill their home with one of a kind finds, or a more experienced crafter and refurbisher looking for your next project, Roaches in the Attic Antiques is a must-visit spot. The store also boasts an impressive array of gift-worthy items, like vinyl, books, and art. You might just find the perfect present for a hard-to-impress mother in law or good friend who has everything well before the holidays roll around. 

Find Roaches in the Attic Antiques in downtown Herndon above Jimmy’s Old Town Tavern. Make a day of it, clear out your truck (to make room for your finds), and make a visit this weekend!