A dark living room with eerie silhouettes. Sep 30, 2020

Test Your Wits at Escape Room Herndon

Come see for yourself why TripAdvisor rated Escape Room Herndon No. 1 in Northern Virginia. It could be their unique room concepts, like Maritime Mutiny to reclaim your stolen treasure, or The Mystery of Room 213 to fight paranormal forces in a creepy old hotel. Escape Room Herndon has movie-quality storylines and props to make you feel like you’re on a real-life adventure. Plus, the rooms are just challenging enough to keep you guessing, but still an attainable test of your problem-solving skills.

Escape Room Herndon also gets tons of positive reviews on Yelp, and currently has a 5-star rating with over 100 reviews. Read up on what each of their four rooms entails, and then start assembling your dream team to escape. It’s a perfect date night activity, location for a special outing amongst friends, or as a way to learn more about your colleagues at work. Tickets for public hour rates are $28 per person, or you can book a private game when you book at least half of a room.