Northern flicker perched majestically on a branch. May 15, 2020

Reconnect With the Great Outdoors at Walker Nature Center

As the weather warms up, it's more important than ever to spend a bit of time appreciating the great outdoors, and for Reston locals Walker Nature Center is a prime place to do so, thanks to its 1,300 acres of wide open space to explore. You'll find well-maintained trails for walking and jogging that loop through meadows and woodland areas, as well as plenty of trailside benches where you can sit down to rest for a few minutes and admire the view. Interpretive signs along the way help you understand the area's ecology, and explain the various habitats that exist within the park's boundary lines. 

Outdoor areas of Walker Nature Center are open from dawn to dusk year round (with free entrance and access to restroom facilities). If you're interested in visiting the Nature House itself, though, check online first to see when it’s currently open.