Feb 19, 2020

Build Strength and Flexibility at Reston Pilates

The owner of Reston Pilates, Jodi Rakoff, has her own personal health journey to thank for her successful business. She suffered from pain, nerve damage, and poor health in her 20s. A surgery helped to mediate her symptoms, but only Pilates restored her body back to its strong, well-functioning state.

Today, Jodi brings that same restoration to her clients through private and semi-private sessions at Reston Pilates. If you’re new to Pilates, treat yourself to a one-on-one session. They last about 50 minutes, during which Jodi teaches you the basic tenets of Pilates with the help of various pieces of Pilates equipment. If you want to bring a friend along, schedule a duet session. The two-person lesson allows you to learn alongside another newbie or take your existing practice to a new level.