Jan 10, 2020

Jan. 19 Near Aperture: The Annual Winter Ice Fest and Mega Block Ice Carving Competition!

Winter is here, and while that certainly means cold days and long, dark nights, it doesn't have to mean you're consigned to a dreary existence indoors as you wait for the warmer weather of spring. In fact, if you're looking to experience a bit of winter magic, consider heading out to the 6th Annual Winter Ice Fest and Mega Block Ice Carving Competition on January 19. This unique celebration allows you to cheer on eight internationally known ice carvers as they compete in a live ice-carving contest. 

You'll also be able to enjoy live musical performances, take shelter in one of the cozy igloo lounges, and participate in a variety of ice-themed games and contests throughout the day. Don’t forget the food trucks and participating restaurants serving up tasty food and drink, either. In fact, sipping on a mug of hot chocolate while you root for your favorite competitor in the ice sculpting competition might be just what you need to break out of the winter doldrums.