Girl doing rock climbing exercises. Oct 25, 2019

Master the Ropes Course at Summit Ropes

The simple, intuitive system that Summit Ropes has installed to secure climbers is probably much less cumbersome than systems you’ve seen at other ropes courses. It’s called the Via Ferrata, and it’s essentially a cable that extends across the upper edge of the entire course. You simply hitch yourself to the cable, and you can navigate the course safely without dealing with a labyrinth of ropes.

Of course, you’ll learn all about how to use the Via Ferrata system and safety equipment before you start your adventure at Summit Ropes. The space offers courses for both adults and pint-sized climbers as young as four years old. You’ll have the chance to tackle everything from swinging bridges to ziplines as you go on your journey at Summit Ropes. Bring along an adventurous friend to join in the fun!