earth month Apr 13, 2018

Green Living at Aperture During Earth Month

Happy Earth Month from all of us at Aperture! This month, we encourage all of our residents to treat our earth well and make changes to become more eco-friendly in their daily lives. Here are a few tips for how you can live a more green lifestyle at Aperture.

Walk, Bike and Carpool

An easy way to become more eco-friendly is to switch up your mode of transportation this month. Walk and bike where you can. Or, carpool when it’s an option. This will help not only reduce traffic, but also it will ensure that less carbon, gases and other pollutants are released into the air. You can also use public transportation to effectively live a more green life. Hop on the nearby Silver Line to gain easy access to the city.

Stop Using Plastic Bags

A great and simple way to go green is to forgo plastic grocery bags for reusable cloth bags. Next time you go grocery shopping, just bring your reusable bags along with you and voila, you’ll reduce your plastic use tenfold.

Make Little Changes

Making little daily changes can do a lot to help the environment. You can start by cutting your showers shorter to save water or eating less meat to reduce carbon emissions. Switch from plastic water bottles to reusable ones that you can wash and refill each day. It’s these seemingly small changes that can do a lot of good for the planet.
  How will you strive to live a more eco-friendly life this month and in the future? Let us know! We hope you help keep our planet beautiful and clean by adopting and keeping up with habits that treat our earth kindly.

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