A shiny display at the Reston Museum. Jun 23, 2017

Experience the history of Reston at the Reston Museum

Experience the history of Reston at the Reston Museum. Just eight minutes away from Aperture, the Reston Museum is a great and educational place to spend a summer day. Here, you can dive into the city's deep roots and explore some of the current exhibitions. Reston is unique in its founding principles. The founders of Reston wanted to ensure that people could live close to their workplaces. They also wanted to create housing for people of all income levels and make sure that there was plenty of diversity in terms of cultural, religious and educational facilities within the city. The Reston Museum was founded in 1997 as a way to document the city's history and achievements. Opening July 2017 is the Reston Stories exhibit. At this exhibition, you can explore Reston's oral history as well as stories from within the community that have been passed down through generations. The museum hopes that current community members will be inspired to contribute their own stories and memories in Reston as well. You'll also be able to learn about the fountain at Lake Anne Plaza and the early history of Reston. For more information on this exhibition and everything happening at the Reston Museum, visit its official website here. Visit the Reston Museum for a fun and family-friendly summer day activity today. Contact us for more information on life at Aperture.